How to Edit Photos with Photo Editor

Photo editor is an easy-to-use photo editing software, but with performance and results similar to those of more professional programs. It can also be used by those who do not have experience in the field. In the following guide, you will find a detailed explanation that will help you understand how to edit photos with this software, among other things free. Learning how to use it could turn out to be a pleasant pastime because in addition to helping you to quickly solve the small flaws of your photographs, it gives you the possibility to create funny, special and nice caricatures.

Download and first steps

First download the Photo Editor software from the Internet. Once installed, at the opening you will see a window divided into different areas of interest: at the top, there is the bar with large icons (the last on the right gives you the possibility to access a tutorial that will clarify ideas if you are totally inexperienced) that define The main features; On the left, there is an area where you will see the path of the system folders and the keys that allow you to choose how to display the images (rotated, without the red-eye effect, etc.) and to move from one photograph to another; In the center, there is the space in which the photo on which “work ” is displayed; At the bottom, there are keys to adapt the latter to the screen, zooming or reducing to taste.

How to edit a photo

For each function to be performed or modified, you can choose between the automatic option (the effect will be applied immediately) or the manual one (Windows will open through which you will be able to select the criteria or the intensity with which Apply the desired effect). In the new window that opens, you will see the photo, a set of keys and a list of instant aids for their use: for example, to improve the colors of the photographs, there is the possibility to select and set the contrast, light and saturation. When you are satisfied with the result, simply click on the item “OK” to save the change.


It is necessary to clarify, however, that despite the Photo Editor is a very good software, is still a free resource. Therefore, some performance, such as those for creating caricatures or those for adding and modifying make-up, do not allow you to make big changes. In this sense, photo Editor is more appropriate for those who do not have excessive claims and whose photos do not require substantial changes.

Never forget to leaving the mouse for a short time over the fundamental features, a brief description will appear.

How to Edit a Photo in A Simple and Fun Way

There will certainly happen, at least once, to have taken a beautiful picture, but to want to change it to make it even more appealing, or to create some fun photomontages. To do this we will have to use some graphics programs that will help us to modify our photographs so that we can customize them at our own pace. If we are novice with the use of these software, we can find on the Internet some simple guides that will illustrate all the steps that we have to follow in order to modify all the images that we want. Alternatively we will be able to use some simple sites that will allow us to modify our photographs very quickly and in a very simplified way. In the next steps of this guide, in particular, we will see how to manage to edit a photo in a very simple and fun.

We start by connecting to the internet using the browser that we prefer (google, firefox, google chrome, etc. ..), then, in the search field, insert the entry “Pizap” and click on the first result that appears (as we can see in the image attached to this apsesage). Open the site we will see an interface with the “Start” button that we will have to click to start.

At this point the site will propose four possibilities for editing: “Collages” (to put together more photos), “Edit Photo” (the photo you will upload from our PC), “Backgrounds” (to choose a background), and “Web Cam Fx “(to take photos from our webcam). We choose the “Edit Photo” option and load the image from our PC using the “Upload” button.

Well, after choosing the photo and uploaded to the site immediately notice that next to the screen where our image will be visible appear some effects that we can add. On the upper bar are depicted icons that have some possibilities of change, namely: stickers (objects to add to the photo), texts, cut out tool (crop a photo and overlay the original), borders (frames), add a photo (add Another photo), meme (create a meme) and paint (to draw on the photo). We choose the option that we think is more appropriate for our image and we begin to add everything we want.

Once the changes are completed, to save the photo we will have to click on the button “save”, in the upper bar, otherwise if we want to download the image click on the button “download”. Remember that if we are not registered it will not be possible to save or download the photo on our PC.

How to Edit a Photo with the Predefined Effects of Lightroom

Would you like to edit your photos or add effects that make them prettier? Perfect! This is the guide that is right for you! In fact, with Adobe Lightroom You can edit your photos in a few simple moves. It will be possible to insert creative effects to an image, making it artistic or surreal. So in this guide, we’ll show you how to edit a photo with the predefined effects of Lightroom. But let’s get into detail now.

First of all, we need to know that these practical effects are also called presets, easily acquired from a simple search on the Internet. In fact, many expert users upload the combinations of color variations obtained through Lightroom online, so that other people can download them for free and use them for personal purposes. For example, Presets Heaven is a great site from which you can download these items for free. At this point, once established what interests us just start the download, I wait patiently waiting for it to finally be completed (usually just a few seconds).

So, let’s start by starting up Lightroom, waiting for this to load. At this point, make sure you choose the photo that interests us and click it. Only now we can click on the Develop entry. Then, we place the mouse cursor on the left menu, under the pane with the preview of the image, sure to reach with this until the written presets. Now go to the User presets item, and then select it with the right button, along with the ADD presets option. Now a dialog box will appear, in which you can easily upload the previously downloaded file. Once located, just click OK and wait for the program to load the desired effect.

At this point, to be able to put an effect on a photo, simply acquire it from the list by clicking on its name once. You need to be careful! In fact, if you simply hover over the mouse cursor, the effect will not be applied directly, but rather you will see the final result in the preview pane. At this point, you will be able to experiment, applying different and countless effects. In case you are not satisfied with the result, simply return to the photo of partena, clicking on it with the right button and choosing the option Reset.

How to Edit Images with Photo Basic 3

Are you tired of the usual photos? Have you still not found a program that satisfies your requests to make your images unique and to make new and nice effects? In This guide I will explain how to edit our photos. With photo Basic 3 We can modify it in fact this program has many effects and functions to make our photographs truly perfect. Very easy to use, just a few clicks.

The first step to do to edit our photographs and make them special with special effects and eliminate some flaws is to download Photo Basic 3.

The link of this application we find here http://www.Programmigratis.Org/Download/Grafica/Photo-Basic-3. Aspx; We start the installation and wait for completion.
Once installed, click Activate later.

With this operation we guarantee a trial period of 30 days during which we will evaluate whether to purchase later the final version, of course it is always better to try before spending money.

We launch the program, and we see that the main screen appears with all the functions and features of the program, all the effects that we can apply and the possibilities of modification that are offered. If we want to edit a photo click on search and upload.

At this point, we can finally upload the photo that we want to modify, select it by clicking on it and automatically it will be imported in Photo Basic 3.

To the left of the photo we find all the applications that we can use on it. Optimization, exposure correction, color tone and saturation to work on the clarity and sharpness of the photo.

Crop and rotate we will need to work on the size of the photo and the direction.

Red eye correction, dusting and focusing to undo any defects at the time of shooting.

Once you’ve changed the photo you can save it to your PC by clicking Save on your PC.

Or alternatively we can send it to some friends by clicking on Email.

This simple program allows us to improve the quality of our images, changing with special effects and, if we are not satisfied with the result, we can undo the operations and start again. At the end we will have our own photos, ready to be printed, preserved or even shared on the net.

Never forget: if after the trial period we are convinced we ask for the definitive activation key
we can pay for it with any credit card.

How to Download Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor is licensed as freeware for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) operating system/graphics software platform, without restrictions. Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor 3.05 is available to all users of the software as a free download (freeware). Photo Pos Pro is a photo editor and image editor (photo editing and image editing software) allows you to easily create, edit, enhance, print and manipulate our digital photos; It also allows you to easily create eye-catching graphics. The software includes a complete help system, tutorials and dozens of pre-made frames, templates, free step-by-step textures, and shapes-all to speed up our work, making it easy and fun.

Here’s how to download Photo Pos Pro:

  • First you need to connect to the website www.Programmigratis.Org.
  • In its home page we will find all the downloadable programs.
  • In the latest arrivals category today but usually in the graphics category we find the photo POS PRO program.
  • Click on and we will be directed to a new page where we will find a brief introduction to the use of the program and on the bottom left the DOWNLOAD.
  • Click DOWNLOAD.
  • It opens another page we click on the top right where we read click HERE to STARTDOWNLOAD.
  • Almost immediately it will open a rectangle containing the file to download.
  • Click on Run and wait for the download that depending on the connection can take from 1 to maximum 10 minutes.
  • We continue doing once again run.
  • Right after next.
  • We accept popping up where we read the CCEPT THA terms OF the LICENSE AGREEMENT.
  • Then NEXT 4 times.
  • Still ISTALL.

Another way to download this program is to go to the TNT Village website. Once registered, you can search for any program interests us. Once located, we can download it via BitTorrent. In this way, you can make the download while being certain that the downloaded file will be completely virus-free.

You should always remember that files downloaded from the Internet often involve the installation of other unwanted programs and harmful to our PC. Probably we will not even notice, but, during the installation of Photo Pos Pro, will be installed other annoying toolbar, which then are difficult to remove and are going to modify our default browser.

Never forget: Any version of Windows.

How to Create a Photo Gallery on WordPress

Among the “contents Management System ” (CMS) most used on the Internet, we can certainly quote the software platform “WordPress “, which allows both to make a simple and quick blog, and to be able to integrate and enrich with the Many features. CMS means tools that can manage to modify certain contents of Internet sites, without the need to know the part related to computer programming. These different functions are able to make the user’s browsing experience fascinating and interactive on their personal internet site. In the following steps of this brief but comprehensive guide, therefore, we will explain how you can easily and quickly create a photo gallery, using the platform “WordPress”.

You should to needed:

  • Personal Computer with Internet connection
  • WordPress
  • Blogs
  • Images

WordPress supports the function “Photo Gallery”

First, it is absolutely necessary to be aware that the function “Photo Gallery” is fully supported by the software platform “WordPress”. For this reason it should not be necessary to install additional plugins, or to use additional computer programs. After preparing all the images to add to your photo gallery, you need to create a new post or a new Internet page on “WordPress”.

Select the images to upload and save

Next, the operations that will have to be carried out are the ones we’re going to cite to follow. It is necessary to click on the button “add image”, then select all the files that must be uploaded, that is all those images that you want to transfer to the “Photo Gallery”. At this point, wait for the loading process to be finished, then press the “Save all changes ” button, and assign the name and description to each photo in the new dialog that you should open.

Possibility to change the order of the images

The “Gallery Settings ” tab, located in the software platform “WordPress “, allows you to change the order of the images. You will also have the option of deciding whether to order them by name, by date or according to a completely random arrangement. Among other things, it is also possible to set the display preference of the photographs according to an ascending or descending order, and the number of columns in which to organize the photos of the gallery.

Preview the article before publishing the post

Once you are satisfied with the changed settings and the result obtained, you can finally click on the button “Insert Gallery”, then select “Preview Item “, so that you will be able to view in advance the Gallery just realized. If you are not satisfied with the result, simply press the celestial button located at the top, which will allow you to access the gallery settings and change them again. If the result is what you want, you will be able to publish your own post.

Make images appear as pop-ups

To conclude, if you want your images to appear as pop-ups, you can download the plugin called “Multi Functional Flexi Lightbox”. To do all this simply access the Internet address “”. This web site makes available to the user some useful features to carry out the correct management of the photo galleries, in addition to being used directly when the various photographs are uploaded.

Best Plugins for Creating Landing Page on WordPress

Looking for an easy way to create landing pages in WordPress? Do we need a plugin that allows us to quickly make landing pages using simple drag-and-drop tools without typing any code? In This article we will review the 5 best plugins for creating landing page on WordPress.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular landing page plugin for WordPress, which features dozens of ready-to-use templates as a starting point for landing pages. Just point and click on any item on a page to edit its properties; You can also move them up and down or add new forms to the page.

The Element

Elementer is another easy-to-use plugin on WordPress. It is super fast and comes with different models ready for different scenarios, including the landing pages. It has a live editor and the page area can be organized into sections and columns; In addition, you can add additional modules to columns, such as buttons, images, headers, cursors, and much more. You can also use the widgets added by other plugins and installed on your website.


Divi is a very popular option for creating landing page in WordPress, as it is very easy to use. It is created by Elegant themes, one of the earliest creators of WordPress themes on the market. It comes with 20 ready-to-use templates, but you can also create your own templates and use them later. Divi also has a page editor and numerous drag-and-drop elements.


OptimizePress is a powerful landing page plug-in for WordPress. It comes as a theme and a plugin that allows you to use it with any other WordPress theme. There are 30 ready-to-use templates, each of which is designed to be a high conversion landing page. It also contains a design tool to modify page templates.

Coming Soon Pro

Coming Soon Pro is another good option designed by Seedprod to quickly create landing pages on WordPress, which are also optimized for conversions. The plugin contains several well-designed templates that you can easily set up and install. It works with all major marketing services and has some built-in features to interact with major social media.

How to Import Documents with Post Office Plugin for WordPress

WordPress is the most used platform to be able to publish a site in a few simple steps. It has several modes of action, such as changing the look of the blog by choosing from many free or paid themes. One of the peculiar features of WordPress is to have many plugins, that is, small programs that allow those who use WordPress to transform their blog into an E-commerce, or to insert slides within the articles published. Some plugins are free, others are paid and the choice is really extended between the first and second. Let’s see below how to import documents with Post Office plugin for WordPress.


A very interesting plugin, which we’re going to analyze, is called Post Office plugin. It’s very useful because it matters in your articles the Word and Excel 2007 files. It is only usable in English, but its intuitiveness makes it accessible to all. To install it just go on the board of WordPress and click on the section in the navigation bar and then on add new. In the search function just write Post Office and click Search Plugin.

Use Plugin

Go once again to click on Install Now and then later on Activate plugin on the page that will open. This way, once you have installed everything, you will have all the functions you can use. Now that the plugin is installed, to be able to use it, bring to the bottom of the navigation bar and click on Post Office. You will see that the whole menu will open. From here you can see the log of the files you have uploaded and you can set them uploading between the drafts. In order to create a post immediately, take the first item of the menu and write the title of the article or page you want to publish. Then choose the article category and upload the word or Excel file you have chosen and click: Create Post Now! You’re done.

Step further

If you have decided to upload your article as an option “Draft”, you will have to perform another step. Go to articles and then on all articles. You will see that the file you have uploaded is still a draft. Edit it as you like, change the formatting as you wish and then click on Publish. Take the Home Page of your blog and check that the article has been successfully published. It was easy, very intuitive and fast. By making the most of these functions, you have saved time and effort.

Simple Guide to Use WordPress

WordPress is an open source CMS, a totally free Content Management System that allows the creation of websites and blogs without the use of the HTML programming language. It has a very intuitive and easy to use graphical interface, but at the same time it can develop really professional websites and blogs. If you are already using, or you are about to start using WordPress, find out what are the 10 tricks to use it.

Update WordPress

You didn’t expect the first trick to be this, did you? Still, constantly updating WordPress will make your life of blogger or website creator really easier. First, always have the latest version, makes your site secure from any hacker or malware attacks, and you’ll have all the latest news developed by the programmers.

Using shortcuts

As opposed to other editing platforms, WordPress allows shortcuts, that is a combination of keyboard keys that determine a specific action, speeding up the common use lavoroShortcut that everyone knows are CTRL + C to copy, CTRL + V to Paste, CTRL + X to cut, CTRL + B for bold and CTRL + I for italic.

Use the screen settings

When you’re writing a post or a page, it happens much more frequently than you think, that you can’t quickly find the functions you need. A trick to speed up the search, is to click on the button “screen Settings”, which is in the top right of the page, where you will find a list of options practical selectable.

Using Theme Preview

Let’s face it, the funniest thing about WordPress is trying out all the themes you have available, but uploading them, trying them out, taking them off and then starting again, could take away some of the fun. Just to work around this, we recommend you try the “Real Time Preview” feature. You will be able to preview the theme you have chosen, make changes and customize the theme without activating it. If the proof that you did you do not like, to go back you just get out of the page.

Save the texts with the quick draft

Writing an article all in one breath without ever interruption is almost impossible. Between a break and the other you lose the concentration and sometimes resume the thread of the speech can be complicated. With the function “Quick Draft” You won’t have to worry about it anymore. You will save a draft that you can then recover to finish it, or to keep as memo for the Clipboard.

Using Auto Save

WordPress every 2 minutes makes automatic saving of what you are writing and gives you the ability to recover every every save just by selecting the review to restore. This option is also saved by manually clicking the “Save Draft” button.

Using WordPress on different devices

WordPress has developed an application to download on smartphones and tablets. With this app you can easily manage your website from any device at any time. The application is available in both IOS and Android versions.

Integrating videos

With the latest version of WordPress you can integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos without having to paste on your site the embed code. It will just paste the link of the video in the visual Editor of WordPress and the video will be uploaded in our post.

Use special characters

How annoying is going to look for the key combination that will allow us to write a particular special character? WordPress has dedicated a section to special characters on its bar. You’ll find letters with various accent types, uppercase or lowercase, and even mathematical symbols and formulas.

Disable the Administration toolbar

Sometimes it can be very useful, but other times, having the toolbar always in the foreground is really annoying. To activate or deactivate it, as needed, just go to “users”- “your profile” and remove (or add) the checkbox in the “toolbar”.